3 connection

Two spaces that are disconnected by enclosed boundaries but somehow a connection is made between them.

Embraces experimentation

  • You are passionate about applying new technologies — making things not just for the sake of it, but to make a dent in our future.
  • You learn new tools and stay up-to-date with technologies and frameworks in order to push our designs and thinking.
  • You look at product AND process, identifying opportunities to make our design operations more efficient using technology.
  • You lean into the possibilities, rather than only defining what isn’t feasible.

Explores before explaining

  • You build and test ideas quickly to get a sense for the potential impact of an idea.
  • You understand the value of a functional prototype.
  • You share work early and often, and are okay with not having the perfect answer all the time.
  • You gather inspiration from a variety of sources — not just design and technology but also art and culture.
  • You understand that simplicity is key to good design and development. Your knowledge of both practices enables you to find the simplest solution to complex problems.

Bridges design
and engineering

  • You prioritize shipping great design, and you stay engaged through the engineering process to see the product vision realized.
  • You keep the scope in mind, understanding and contextualizing requirements and constraints for designers and engineers.
  • You are pragmatic and tool agnostic, never locked into one way of doing things.
  • You try to understand the technical complexities of a problem before and during the design process, to ensure technical opportunities and limitations are fully realised.
  • You design in code, and your code is well-designed.
  • You notice how one area of product development affords opportunities or other areas and connect the two.